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Online Business Marketing: How to Deal With Angry Customers Online

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The Importance of Knowing your Core Business Values
Realize that You May Not Have all the Answers-and that’s OK!
Finding Unhappy Customers Online
Worldwide Exposure. As an online business marketing on the internet that’s what we go for, right? But, it’s also what a lot of online businesses dread as they open up their businesses as free game to millions of anonymous people that are either going to love you or hate you. We all love the ones that love us, that’s easy. But what about the ones that “hate” us? How do you deal with angry customers online? How do you deal with the haters, that aren’t your customers but for some reason seem Hell bent on the demise of your business? Here are a few simple tips to seduce your haters.”You attend to their issues as rapidly and transparently as possible. And here’s what happens: the squeaky wheel is not only silenced but seduced…”-Bob GarfieldDon’t ignore them and hope they will go away.Now, by saying this I’m not suggesting that you try to please everyone. Taking a cue from a little something that Bill Cosby once said, If you try to please everyone in your business you’ll end up pleasing (and serving) nobody.Smart online business marketing starts with understanding the core value and core mission of your product and service. Yes, you will tweak some of your products along the way, make improvements, present them in a better way, repurpose your content, and incorporate new information that is aligned with those core values. But the foundation of your business, the stuff that you are building your empire on, shouldn’t change.

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So deal with an angry customer, hater, or squeaky wheel. If you are honest and have been transparent with the intentions of your business, then there is no reason to hide.Is your Online Business Marketing Content Confusing?First, take out your ego, pride and hurt and decide if there is some validity to what the angry customer is saying. Most of the time, their hatred stems not from any personal feelings toward you but instead from frustrations over a transaction that didn’t go as planned. Other times they may have had expectations of one thing and then received another. In both of these cases, figure out if you need to make any adjustments to your online marketing. Is the content confusing? Could you explain things in a different manner? One good rule of thumb is to always try to under-promise and over-deliver.”In a transparent world, engaging an unhappy customer has a twofold win. You get to learn from the critic with a megaphone and you get to turn a foe into a friend.” – Steven Rosenbaum “Curation Nation”Be Transparent – If you Don’t Have the Answer, say so!There will be times when you can’t answer or solve the angry customer’s problem. That’s okay! If you are like most entrepreneurs you are curious, and you like to solve problems. So their frustrations may just be an opportunity for you to create a solution, create a product to sell, and then actually profit from their anger by providing a benefit or solution for other customers with that same concern. You turn their anger into a solution! You can tell them, “I don’t have an answer for that right now. But I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. If I’m able to come up with a solution that might help you, I’ll be sure to let you know!”Now – here’s a tip: If you keep getting the same frustrations over and over from various clients – happy and unhappy – then you know that there’s an audience for that particular solution! Develop a product to sell that addresses their problem…cha ching!Deal with Angry Customers on the Same Platform If an unhappy customer is talking about you on Facebook, then be sure your response can be found on Facebook; if it’s YouTube then a video response may be a good angle, if they have a blog, then comment on their blog. The goal here is to acknowledge them…often people just want to be heard.

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Don’t deny, deflect or quash. In today’s online business world that’s not very effective. Acknowledge them, but don’t feel as if you have to fuel any continuing ill feelings. You don’t have to continue to engage with them if they truly are just mean-spirited. That’s a waste of your energy and time.How to Find Unhappy Customers Now, notice I didn’t say how to find unhappy people…that’s easy enough! I’m talking about finding the discussions that involve your company – the positive and the negative. If you haven’t set up alerts yet through a system such as Google Alerts, then you should do that. This will tell you anytime someone mentions your company name. You want to monitor the chatter and stay in the loop about what your customers are saying.And remember – when someone says something Awesome about you…be sure to acknowledge that as well! It’s a funny thing, but people that have a negative point to make seem to have a lot more time for “hate mail” than those that are genuinely happy. So when those happy people take the time to give you a thumbs up for what your business does, then be sure that you are taking the time to thank them.It’s just a good way to handle angry customers, happy customers, and your online business marketing success!Until next time…Dawn

Snore Treatment – Painless Ways

Since snoring is now considered as one of the most serious sleeping disorder, snore treatments are made available to the society in order to stop or reduce snoring problems. The treatment may vary from the natural painless ways to artificial expensive ones.Natural snore treatments means treating your daily habits as well. This is because of the fact that treating snore begins with the changes in you. Change in your eating habits, sleeping position and even your habit of smoking and drinking liquor.
Let us take it one by one.The change in your eating habit is one way of a painless treatment for snoring dilemma. Too much eating may lead to accumulation fats in your body particularly around the air passages for breathing that will constrict the air passing especially at night. This constricted air passages will definitely make a sound as you sleep. Additionally, eating foods that irritates your throat will make inflammation that also activates the snoring process.

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Another natural snore treatment is the change in position upon sleeping. Your position upon sleeping is one of the determining factors for the occurrence of snores. Lying on your back which is a comfortable way of sleeping is such a bad idea after all. This is because your tongue and other excess tissues around your air passages may roll down your throat causing an abnormal breathing which is the primary key of snoring progression.As an alternative, you may sleep while facing on either side of the room or sleep on your stomach to avoid the affinity of lying on your back. The aroma of oil named Marjoram is also used to impede snoring. You may also raise your head a little higher than your body to avoid obstruction of air tracks. Luckily, there are specialized pillows developed for this sleeping disorder.Snore treatment also takes account of the reduction in consuming cigarette. This substance contains elements that elicit a sound while you sleep. The same is true with liquor consumption. With the content of alcoholic beverages nasal cavities are somewhat congested thus giving you a breathing difficulty that most likely leads to snoring.

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Aside from the natural easy to follow treatments for snoring, there are also painless ways and easy to apply artificial treatments. These include the oral gadgets, nasal strips, anti-snoring sprays as well as drugs. These treatments are recommended by most health specialists to help in clearing your breathing passages during your bedtime.Meanwhile, artificial snore treatments are not all free of pain. If your snoring becomes severe; that is, no natural treatments work for you, then you will need to undergo a surgery that will help you in having a not constricted air ways.Treating snoring is very important to avoid a more serious health

Flipping Properties for Profit

So, you want to get into the flipping game and make money or possibly you had a bad experience with flipping a property and want to learn how to flip a property and actually make money? First of all, let me say that I don’t believe in expecting a large return on a flip if all you do is sign your name on a closing statement and expect to turn it around quickly. It’s just not that easy.

What can happen though is that if you follow some of my techniques you can expect to earn a nice profit for yourself. There are five keys to success that I would like to discuss in this article. They are: (1) you must buy the property right, (2) you should be willing to shop for good deals, (3) you must not be afraid to get your hands dirty, (4) you must be reasonably handy, and (5) you need to do most of the work yourself.

How to buy the property right. Here’s where you need to either be a real estate agent or work with one. Knowing the market area is essential to getting the right house at the right price. Are prices in this area increasing? Are others improving their homes? Is the home’s sale price consistent with the repairs needed? Does the listing allow for an easy out of the contract should you learn something during the home inspection stage? It is my opinion that you definitely need a home inspection because you want to know everything that is wrong with this house before you start.

You should be willing to shop for good deals. First thing I always do is set a budget. It’s not iron clad, but it is a starting point. You know what you bought the home for and you know roughly how much you want to get out of it, so now work backwards. What needs to be done and how much money can you allocate to it? Be methodical, make a list and try to stick to it. Shop hard for sales, closeouts, and alternatives. Many of the home improvement stores put closeouts out front early in the morning. Swing by on your way to work. Check garage sales, newspaper ads, and even the internet. While you certainly should buy quality materials, you need to resist the urge to buy the nicer faucet or the prettier cabinet pulls. Always buy with price and quality in mind with a close eye on the budget. Over-spending is a common pitfall.

You must not be afraid to get your hands dirty. If a home needs to be remodeled, chances are it is pretty dirty too. Hiring a cleaning person is expensive and not necessary. Anyone can scrub. It’s good exercise too. The yard most likely is a mess since the previous owners probably neglected it. Some of the hardest work is done in the yard. Having the right tools is key, but you don’t have to buy them, most of them can be rented.

You must be reasonably handy and you need to do most of the work yourself pretty much go hand in hand. You should consider finding another hobby if you cannot do average repairs yourself or if you don’t enjoy it. If you get stuck and have to bring the professionals in for a botched job, your profits will quickly go down the drain. Labor is very expensive to pay someone for and should be used sparingly.

Lease to Own Real Estate

Credit problems plague people across the globe. These problems can lead to many other problems not limited to difficulty purchasing vehicles, getting jobs, opening checking accounts, and purchasing or renting a home. For those who are experiencing credit problems hope seems like a long lost commodity when it comes to the very American dream of owning a home of one’s own.

The good news is that there are some savvy investors around that are willing to take the risk on those who have had credit problems but are attempting to get their lives back in order. The bad news is that this good will often comes at a rather high price to the consumers. Getting into trouble with credit takes a while from which to recover. For many the process is long and filled with pitfalls and missteps along the way. For those that are living the nightmare of poor credit there are times in which the situation must seem hopeless.

For this reason investors that offer lease to own real estate to those with less than spectacular credit are often viewed as saviors on the one hand and villains on the other. However, they are taking a risk that others are unwilling to take on a person that has proven not to be the best credit risk in the business. In other words, many would find that they are justified by charging a higher price or interest rate than traditional lending institutions will charge. After all, it is their money that is on the line if the lessee decides to default on the contract. It is also their money that will be required to make any repairs that will be needed if eviction becomes a necessary conclusion.

For investors who are interested in ‘buy and hold’ investing this is one way of making that system work in their favor. Many times the ‘buyers’ will find another property after a couple of years and will have essentially rented the property for a specified amount of time. At other times they will seek alternative financing once they have been able to straighten out their credit situations. Either way there are many occasions when the property is returned to the investor and has turned a relatively decent profit while holding those who took some degree of ‘pride of ownership’ in the property during that time rather than ordinary renters who often have little or no regard for the condition of the landlord’s property.

There is more than one way that a lease to own deal can work. The most common however, is that there is a specified amount of time typically 2-5 years in which those that are leasing the property can live in the property with a portion of the monthly lease being applied towards a down payment for the property once they are able to get traditional financing. If a twenty percent down payment is achieved during that time the odds of them being approved for a loan are greatly improved. If they (being the lessees) combine this opportunity with serious efforts to improve their credit scores then there should be no problem achieving this.

As a real estate investor this situation is so much more attractive than renters for many reasons. First of all, the maintenance in these cases becomes the problem of the lessees rather than your problem, you have ‘renters’ that are hoping to have ownership of the property in time, and you can charge a little more each month for rent in order to cover the money being applied to the down payment on the property.

Snoring Treatment

The vibration of the soft tissues of the nose and mouth causes snorting noises referred to as snoring. Anybody can snore, and research has shown that about 30% of women and 45% of men snore in their sleep on a regular basis. Others snore on occasion after taking certain medications, drinking alcohol or after having a viral illness. These individuals generally do not seek snoring treatment.Many are under the preconceived notion that mainly large, overweight men snore, but women of slim stature can be regular snorers as well. Some snoring comes from the narrowing of the back of the throat, while others have narrowing of airways in the nose or mouth. There are those individuals that snore only when they sleep in particular positions. There are many different causes for snoring and there are products to snoring treatment increasingly appearing on the market.

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The relaxing effects of alcohol and some medications can cause snoring in some individuals. For many snoring is an underlying issue to a more serious condition such as sleep apnea. Of course often it is the partner of the snorer that suffers the most and goes out seeking snoring treatment for their partner. Even if the snorer does not suffer from a more serious condition, the partner may eventually due to a lack of sleep.It is important to know whether a case of snoring is part of a more serious condition. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition where the individual stops breathing for a short period of time. OSA can lead to other sever health issues such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack. Snoring treatment is advised in order to avoid the more serious health issues.In order to be appropriately evaluated for more serious issues related to snoring, the individual that snores and their bed partner should both be present. After all, the snorer cannot say what they do in their sleep. A physical exam will be performed and many questions asked about daily schedule, sleep pattern, etc. The individual may also be sent to a specialized clinic for a sleep study to rule out a more serious condition. After all results are in, then snoring treatment can be recommended.Often the partner of the snorer is the one that suffers most from the snoring. In these cases the snorer can choose some non-surgical means of snoring treatment. Sometimes behavioral changes such as weight loss, regular exercise regime, avoiding drinking alcohol and possible medication changes can be helpful. There are also dental devices that can be created especially for the individual. 70% to 90% of snoring cases can be improved in this manner. There are also nasal devices and allergy medications and nasal saline that can assist in alleviating snoring.

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Anybody can snore, and research has shown that about 30% of women and 45% of men snore in their sleep on a regular basis. There are both surgical and non-surgical remedies, depending on the severity of the issue. Sometimes the sleeping partner has more issues with the snoring than the snorer, but other times snoring is just a byproduct of a more severe medical condition. In any case snoring treatment of one form or another is available.